Ears are more delicate than we usually seem to think. They require care and any heedlessness can cause a permanent damage to your hearing. Experts like Dr. Paul C Drago believe that a healthy ear care practice can not only protect your ears from damage, it can also help diagnose any serious problems at an early stage, which make is, in most cases, plausible to treat and reverse the damage.

Here are 7 ways to ensure your ears are getting the care they need :

Just Let The Earwax Be

WhIle you may be a cleanliness freak, but cleaning your ears is not that great an idea. The ear wax that many consider gross and “waste” is actually ensuring the health of your ears. Ear wax protects your ear canals from fungus and bacteria. It also makes the passage of air smoother which can be damaging to the very sensitive skin of your ear canal in the absence of wax. So just leave the ear wax alone and avoid ear candles or putting any swabs or pins in your ears as they can easily cause blockage. Taking hot water baths are enough to let that extra wax out of your ear which can be cleaned by a washcloth from the outer ear.

Turn Down The Volume

We know that you like your music loud, but high volume damages your ears more than you know. Your ears are sensitive and any volume higher than 60-65 decibels can cause damage. A loud noise of or more than 80 decibels is capable to damaging your hearing permanently. So lower the volume of your headphones and if you live in a noisy neighborhood, use earmuffs or earplugs to protect your ears from any serious damage.

Go For A Run

Remember how your ears start warming up and getting red when you run? Well, turns out that’s good for your ears. Running or other cardio exercises improves blood circulation through, along other organs, your ears which ensures the health of internal parts of your ears and helps them function better. So go for a run every now and then and let your ears feel that blood flow.

Have a Chewing Gum

Like you needed another reason to eat that piece of gum anyway! Chewing gums can be very helpful in opening up the swollen up eustachian tubes of the ear and help get relief in pain as well as alleviate the swelling. However, try chewing a sugar free gum. Children should not be given chewing gums without adult supervision.

Be Careful With Piercings

Ear piercings are quite common and there’s nothing wrong with them. However, the placement of the peircing should be done very carefully as ear lobes are filled with tiny veins which can be damaged if the piercing isn’t in the right position. This can lead to infection, swelling on outer as well as inner ear in really bad cases. Moreover, try cleaning your earrings regularly and avoid any metal you’re allergic to as that can cause infection even in healed and old piercings.

Keep Them Dry

Water and ears are not really good friends. Any kind of moisture can lead to infection in the ear canal which can be very painful. In case of any such incidents, contact the doctor immediately and get proper medication.

Avoid Over The Shelf Medication

Most of us tend to use over the shelf meds and drops for minor ear problems. This can be very dangerous for your ears. Wrong medicines and drops can worsen the problem. Thus avoid any unprescribed medicines and home remedies without consulting an ENT specialist.

Dr. Paul C Drago is an ENT specialist with experience in surgical and medical science providing for expert advice and care to ensure the health of his patients.  He has been in practice for over 2 decades and currently serves as an MD and otolaryngologist in Department of Correction in South Carolina. To know more about Dr. Drago and his field of expertise.















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