Ear Infections And Everything About It

Infections are contagious and require immediate attention. There are multiple causes and effects of infections, it becomes easier to treat such infections if you have a clear picture of causes and effects of the same. Ear infections are known to be extremely dangerous as there are very high possibilities of the person losing hearing. It is therefore, mandatory to immediate consult a physician who is skilled and specialised in ENT like Dr. Paul C. Drago. He is into the field since years and has an expertise to provide comprehensive treatments for ear infections and many other problems faced by humans. Treatments of ear infection are quite crucial and the same is explained in detail in the following sections.

Treatment Of Ear Infections
Depending upon the severeness of the infection, there are multiple ways of treating them. Here are two major methods that are used by majority of ENT specialists like Dr. Paul C. Drago.

  • Antibiotic treatment – Ear infections which are not much severe in their condition and do not require much specialised treatments are well treated by antibiotics. People with minor ear infections and children are usually administered with such type of drugs which soothe the infections. At the same time, infections caused by viruses are not treated by antibiotics as they do not have any effect on such infections. In that case, individuals are generally treated using the ear tube surgery.
  • Ear Tube Surgery In case the ear infections are much severe and cannot be treated with antibiotics doctors use ear tube surgery for their treatment. Doctors like Dr. Paul C. Drago who are specialised in otolaryngology perform the surgery on individuals. This is performed when the ear infections do not respond to the antibiotics that were administered. It is administered when the person has been suffering from ear infections for more than 3-4 months beyond which it gets a bit difficult to treat. The surgery is often regarded as myringotomy in which a small plastic tube is inserted in the ears.

Risk And Benefits Of Ear Surgery

In every surgery, there are some or the other risks and benefits associated. Some people undergo repeated surgeries as the condition persists even after the effective treatment. In that case, there are multiple risks that can cause some severe damage to the ears. Also, a lot of people experience coagulation of excessive tissues around the surgical incisions, this can lead to damage of eardrums and bones. As far as benefits of ear tube surgery are concerned, it is quite effective and ensure better sleeping patterns in individuals. Symptoms are often resolved soon after the treatment and people are much less irritable as compared to the case of ear infections.

Ear infections are subject to severe complications and can sometimes lead to severe problems. Information mentioned in the above section of the blog will help you get a better understanding of the ear infections and everything related to the same. You can visit the official website of Dr. Paul Drago for getting your appointment for various ear problems.

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