Chubby Cheek Surgeries: Popular Facial Surgeries That Make Your Face Thinner

When you’re a child, having chubby cheeks is cute but as an adult, having baby fat on the face can make you look overweight. Luckily, there are surgeries that people can undergo to make their faces appear thinner and more chiseled.

Let’s take a look some popular surgeries that make your face thinner:

1.     Buccal Lipectomy

Buccal Lipectomy is considered a minor plastic surgery procedure in which a tiny incision is made inside the cheek to remove fat. Around a gumball-sized chunk of fat can be extracted, resulting in defined cheek hollows and a sharper jaw-line.

2.     Jawline Reduction

Not everyone is a fan of wide jawlines. These are caused by excessive growth of the muscle used for chewing, the masseter muscle.

Earlier, in order to reduce the muscle, plastic surgeons would have to “shave” it down in an incredibly messy surgical procedure; however, today there is a much safer way to reduce the size of the muscle.

Modern plastic surgeons shrink the size the masseter muscle with the help of Botox. The Botox induces muscle atrophy, causing it to weaken and making the jawline look thinner.

Botox injections are a much safer alternative to previous jaw-reduction surgeries but they don’t provide a permanent fix; the injections will have to be repeated every 6 months or so in order to maintain the look.

3.     Cheekbone Reduction

Cheekbone reduction refers to reshaping the top portion of your cheekbones. It involves shaving, burring and altering the zygomatic arch.

In more severe cases, cheekbone reduction could include cutting into various parts of the arch and repositioning it in a way that makes the face appear thinner.

4.     V-line Reduction

V-line reduction focuses on the lower portion of the face and making it appear narrower than it currently is. This is done by physically removing areas of the bone to create a sharper chin and jawline.

5.     Double-Chin Reduction

Our faces don’t remain the same through our lives. Usually people’s faces fill up as they begin to age. When you put on weight, it’s natural to grow an unflattering double-chin that makes you look bigger than you actually are.

In a double-chin reduction, the structure of mandible is altered by extracting flesh close to the chin and removing portions of the bone.

Are you unhappy with how your face looks? With a qualified facial plastic surgeon, you can get the narrower, chiseled face you’ve always wanted.

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