ENT Treatments

Dr. Paul Drago serves in the department of correction in south carolina as medical director. Dr Paul  provides comprehensive ear, nose, throat medical and surgical care.He holds great experience in field of medical science.The only motive of Dr Paul is to help and support patient by giving them overall health care advice.He has a great response from patients from the kind of effective treatment he gives and that’s why thousands of patient positively has faith on him.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Paul Drago is a specialist in cosmetic surgery such as facial liposuction, chin augmentation and reduction, otoplasty and other cosmetic related surgeries and he holds 25 years of great experience in Medical Science. Drago is providing you the great attractive appearance  by best of his knowledge.These days even anti-aging has been possibly being treated by cosmetic surgery and Paul C.To get your facial features enhanced and for natural look, get in touch with him.

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Plastic Surgery

Dr Paul Drago, also known for his plastic surgery in Greenville, South carolina is an expert surgeon and medical executive.He  serves in the department of correction in south carolina as medical director.As a result of factors such as illness, birth detect or aging people go for Plastic Surgery which can help them look good  and feel your best and even make them confident. Get in touch with him to schedule a consultation for the best treatment of plastic surgery.

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About Dr. Paul C Drago

Dr. Paul Drago is an ENT expert scientific medical doctor, moreover referred to as otolaryngologist, otorhinolaryngologist or, rhino laryngologist, is a scientific professional inside the problems of the ear or nose or throat, and associated structures of the pinnacle and neck.

Dr. Paul C Drago always can provide the first-class possible offerings and remedy to his patient surfing from any kind of ears, nostril and throat troubles. Being a scientific director for the branch of correction in South Carolina.

Paul C Drago MD has certainly one of believes that looks may be better with plastic surgery. Being a part of many groups he has continually attempted to offer again the exceptional to the community. There are numerous websites in which you can go through the enjoy and achievement of this extraordinary guy. Medical diploma from Ohio nation university and postdoctoral internship in general surgical operation at Yale, New Haven medical institution is a like a cherry on the cake in his brilliance.

dr. paul c drago